Art Exploration
Tutor: Mary Bradley
Length: Full Year  Class Period: Wednesday, period 1

Description: In this Explorer class we will be all over the place … because that is what explorers do! This class is new and not fully formed yet, but I can tell you it will involve cartooning in many aspects, drawing caricatures of famous people and each other along with a realistic self-portrait suitable for framing; basic anatomy of faces and bodies, backgrounds, involving one and two-point perspective review, and lettering, creating your own alphabet. We will also take time to enhance our understanding of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, also how to critique art. These will be our building blocks for the projects we do this year. This class will also include some 3D work … some junk (found art) and sculpture, for starters.  “Oh boy!”

You can start exploring now for those little pieces of junk you find on the floor, in the garage, on the ground, in nature, under your bed, or in the basement that have interesting shapes that could be used to form letters on your own name plate or sculpture. It is not too early to be gathering junk for yourself and your classmates. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”

I cannot wait for you to sign up for this class!

Tutor: Mary Bradley received her BS from the University of Minnesota in Elementary Education with minor concentrations in French, Psychology, and Art. She has studied watercolor, pottery, and cartooning at the Edina Art Center and Hennepin County Vo-tech. Besides being an elementary school teacher for seventeen years, Mary has taught a variety of art classes after school and over summers at Chapel Hill Academy in Chanhassen and for Minnetonka summer community education. She also created and directed a two-week church art camp, involving many members at City Hill Church in Eden Prairie where she also taught cartooning and junk sculpture. After that, she started faux painting in homes both new and old, including some hand painting and murals in mission work with her church’s youth group. Teaching watercolor painting at her church’s women’s retreats has been popular. Most recently, Mary juggled a long-term substitute position at Eagle Ridge Academy teaching Art for grades 4-6 while teaching Cartooning for CHAT. She is eager to start her second year at CHAT with a new curriculum and age group!

Mary and her husband Steve, of 43 years, are proud parents of four children all married and nine grandchildren. Steve and Mary currently head up the prayer ministry team at City Hill Church, where they have attended for over 50 years.

(Mary is also a tutor in Ortin-Gillingham Phonics and Reading with over ten years of experience. She has completed Level lll of training which qualifies her to be a certified teacher of OG. Let her know if would like to learn more about the OG method!)

Cost: $230, $240, $250 per semester (depending on registration date)
: Grades 7-12
Prerequisite: Some drawing experience will be helpful but not necessary.
Homework: Monthly Sketchbook assignments - hour per assignment; finishing class projects if/when more time is needed.  We aim to get most work done in class.
Supplies: A Mixed Media Sketchbook (9X12 or thereabouts); Sharpie Fine Point and Ultra Fine Point markers, 1-2 Black Flair markers, scissors (any kind), ruler, colored pencils, a drawing pencil set with a kneaded eraser (preferred), and sharpener.  LABEL ALL SUPPLIES AND BRING TO EVERY CLASS!!