Bible Quizzing Team
Coach: Amanda Johnson
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Description: Bible quizzing is an excellent way for 6-12 graders to grow their faith and their knowledge of God's word by memorizing scripture and competing on it in a fun, uplifting environment. Aside from weekly practices, quizzers will compete in five meets which take place on the first Saturday of the month from October to February. This will be followed by the opportunity to compete on a new team in the National's season! Through it all, quizzers will gain exposure to the life-changing, God-breathed words found in the Bible as well as like-minded teens and adults who can help them through the journey of life as coaches, mentors, and potentially best friends. This year, we are excited to be quizzing on the books of James, Romans and Revelation, and our hope is that whether quizzers memorize one verse or one hundred verses the words they memorize will be an encouragement to them as we strive to grow closer to God as a community. If you want to learn more about the ministry of Bible quizzing, visit the Teens For Christ website:    

Note:  There is only room for 7 students on the team, so contact Amanda right away if interested!

Coach:  Amanda Johnson (former CHAT student) has been involved with Bible quizzing through MN/WI Teens For Christ for six years; five years as a quizzer and one as a coach. In three of her years as a quizzer, she had the privilege of competing nationally on the top team with TFC, and helped carry her team to the national championship in 2019. She now attends the University of Northwestern - St. Paul as an ESL Education/Spanish Education double major, while continuing to make Bible memory a priority whenever possible.

Cost:  $45 (paid directly to Amanda)
Grades 6-12