Explore: All About Dogs
(Grades 3-4)
Tutor: Andrea Orem
Email: andrea.j.orem@gmail.com
Length: First Semester
Class dates: 8/25, 9/15, 10/6, 10/27, 11/3
Class Period: Wednesday eCHAT period 2 (10:00-11:00 a.m.)

Description: All About Dogs is a fun, hands-on class designed to teach students about dogs as well as give them experience interacting with and practicing training with the tutor's dog, Aries. Students will learn about dog safety as well as proper ways to interact with various kinds of dogs, whether they are working dogs or pets. From dog anatomy, body language, and communication to training skills, students will come away with experience in both knowledge and application whether they have a pet dog at home or are brand new to learning about dogs.

Students who take this course must be comfortable being licked by a dog (taking treats from their hand) and be able to follow instructions carefully, as interacting around animals, no matter how well trained, does come with risks, specifically if not done properly. Students will be required to wash hands well after each class session before going to their next class.

Note:  This class will be alternating weeks with the Oil Pastels & Drawing class.  See that class description for additional information about that class.

Covid - 19 Contingency Plan - In the event that we are forced to transition to online classes at any point in the school year, this class will not be held.  continue to be held.  Parents will receive a refund at the end of the unit for any classes that are not held.

Teacher: Andrea Orem has bachelor’s degrees in K-12 Vocal Music Education, Music Composition, and Bible from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. She has been teaching music to young people, including at CHAT, for 10 years. Andrea has been puppy raising service dogs in training for Can Do Canines since 2019 and has helped train 8 different dogs to date. Her pet dog, Aries, is a career changed Can Do Canine (unable to be a working service dog for a medical reason but very highly trained as if she were one!). Aries loves giving kisses, playing with other dogs, and is in the process of getting certified to be a therapy dog. In her free time, Andrea enjoys gardening organically, singing in Two Rivers Chorale, helping people navigate TMJ and sleep issues naturally, reading, and serving in various ways at Antioch Community Church with her husband, Gabe.

Cost: $48, $58 or $68 per 5-week session  (depending on registration date)
: Grades 3-4

Prerequisite: none
Homework: Minimal -- a short reading or review of previous week's material
Supplies:  Paper, pencil, & folder