Applied Engineering
Tutor: Laura Glassel
Length:Full Year Class Period: Wednesday, period 4
Description: Explore the world of engineering through hands-on projects. In-class projects will cover the following topics: bridges, small engines, catapults and trebuchets, pneumatic machines, electrical circuits, generators and electrical motors, the electromagnetic spectrum, simple machines, tension, momentum, satellite motion, aerodynamics, and buoyancy.

Tutor: Laura Glassel grew up in the New England area, Germany, and Minnesota. She received her associate's degree in Aircraft Maintenance, her bachelor's degree in Missionary Aviation, and her master's degree in Bible Translation from Bob Jones University. As part of her education, she earned both her aircraft mechanic's and pilot's certificates. During her college years, she tutored high school students, and learned a lot about teaching techniques and learning. She has since been able to transfer her tutoring skills to the classroom situation in order to share her passion for learning with more students.

Cost:  $225 per semester
: Grades 7-9

Prerequisite: None
Homework: 1-2 hours per week
Text: none   
Supplies: Students should bring a 3-ring binder and paper to class.