Art Learning by Leonardo
Tutor: Andrea Merboth
Length: Full Year Class Period: Wednesday, period 3

Description: This is a great class for beginner artists as well as experienced artists as we cover the basics like how colors work together to create depth, distance, volume, and emotion, but also dive into deciphering the subtleties of why Rembrandt, Monet, Vermeer and many more master artists created such beautiful art, and take those techniques they perfected and apply them to developing the students own art.  I often see a significant leap in many areas of the student’s artwork level from the beginning of this class to its completion.

Art Learning by Leonardo is a hands-on, storytelling/lecture style class where students will spend the first 20- 30 minutes studying master artists and their artwork. We will look at the time periods as well as the worldview that is presented through their art, based, in part, on Cornerstone Curriculum’s David Quine, and learn how powerful media, art, and books are in shaping culture. The remaining 50-60 minutes will be hands-on art where the students will explore different mediums while learning drawing, chalk pastels, acrylic painting, and watercolor. They will be encouraged to learn what color combinations express, and hone skill in shape, composition, and perspective, all while developing the gifts God has given them. Students will complete the yearlong course with the ability to identify over 20 artist’s work, briefly know their story, and have a good idea what mediums in art they like to work with and may want to develop more. The class will finish the year with a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art-which is always a favorite with the students and parents alike as they realize how much they have learned. Students will also have 1-3 matted piece of art ready for framing by the end of each semester. The class is designed to fill an early high school level art class, so students interested in the class will do best if they are high school level—with or without any previous art experience—or if they are in 7-8th grade and have had at least one drawing or art class.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the CHAT Christmas Celebration and the Spring Showcase.

The Christmas Celebration date is Thursday, December 17, 2020. (Alternate date is Thursday, December 10.) The Spring Showcase is Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Covid - 19 Contingency Plan - In the event that we are forced to transition to online classes at any point in the school year, this class will continue to be held. 

Tutor: Andrea MerbothTutor: Andrea Merboth has a BA degree in Occupational Therapy from the College of St. Catherine. Andrea has taken various art classes in watercolor and oil painting and has been involved in several art shows, art exhibits, and canvass painting parties amidst friends and a relaxing backdrop. She has taught art classes primarily to the homeschool population and has illustrated a children’s book, The Chicken from Czechoslovakia by Christopher Thielen. In addition to enjoying painting on canvas, Andrea paints furniture, room murals, has painted a 10’x20’ mural in the library in McGregor MN and worked with students and locals on another large mural in Ciudad Juarez, MX. She has also painted sets for several full-length plays, some of which she directed in the homeschool arena. Andrea and her husband have a passion to help ground young people in the Christian faith, realizing that all forms of communication, including art have the ability to either draw you towards or away from the truths of God. She believes that beauty is a reflection of God, and art classes can empower students to find creative ways to share God with the world.

Cost:  $217 per semester
Grades 7-12 (Please see note in the class description above)

Prerequisite: High School-none, Jr. High - a previous drawing class
Homework: A weekly ten point/question test about the artists as well as an art exercise
Text: none
Supplies:  The price of the class (above) covers most of the materials needed for the class. Students need to purchase (available at Michael's): Strathmore (Best) water color paper (cold press) size 11" x 15," Strathmore Drawing Paper, 300 series (yellow) 14" x 17," and a drawing pencil set with eraser and sharpener

Image samples of the instructor's work:

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