Art Studio
Tutor: Andrea Merboth
Length: 2nd Semester only Class PeriodWednesday, period 4 (offered again in 2019-2020)

Description: This is a class designed for advanced art students who have already taken the Art Survey class, or one comparable. We will often have a 30 min art challenge exercise to start the class, then students will select art projects to work on to completion. I will have a pool of art projects to fill in the artwork levels and focus on shading, relationships, color and composition. These art projects will be in acrylic, watercolor, pastels, drawing, caricatures, or cartooning. There is a lot of one on one instruction, enabling growth of personal style and overcoming frustrations.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the CHAT Spring Showcase.

The Spring Showcase is Thursday, May __, 2020.

Tutor: Andrea Merboth has a BA degree in Occupational Therapy from the College of St. Catherine. Andrea has taken various art classes in watercolor and oil painting and has been involved in several art shows, art exhibits, and canvass painting parties amidst friends and a relaxing backdrop.  She has taught art classes for many years to varied age groups, primarily to the homeschool population. In addition to enjoying painting on canvas, Andrea paints furniture, walls, fabric, room murals, and has also painted a 10’x20’ mural in the library in McGregor MN and worked with students and locals on another large mural in Ciudad Juarez, MX. She has also painted sets for several full-length plays, some of which she directed in the homeschool arena. Andrea and her husband have a passion to help ground young people in the Christian faith, realizing that all forms of communication, including art have the ability to either draw you towards or away from the truths of God. She believes that beauty is a reflection of God, and art classes can empower students to find creative ways to share God with the world.

Level: Grades 8-12
Prerequisite: CHAT Art Survey or tutor approval
Homework: one weekly artwork assignment outside class
Text: none
Supplies: $22 supply fee. This covers mattes, brushes, paper towels, canvass paper and other basic art tools. The student will need to purchase/have 14”x17”- Drawing paper, Strathmore (yellow) 300 series, or equivalent and a 5 or larger pencil set of drawing pencils. If the student wishes to develop their skill in a specific medium, please purchase those supplies and if you don’t know what you need, contact the tutor to discuss what supplies you will need

If your student wants to develop their watercolor skills, the 18 oval Prang watercolor is a little better than the tube watercolor paints for transportation of the paints, storage, set up and cleanup of the paint. Watercolor paper 11”x15” heavy wt. (Strathmore-300 series-yellow is better than the brown series)

Other options you may want to consider: chalk pastels-don't purchase the cheapest-they are not a good quality so your student will struggle-go midrange or higher, such as one set of Soft Pastels, (pastel chalk) Loew Cornell 15 piece or 24 piece or similar. Or oil pastels: a thinker oil pastel works a little better for the younger student.

If your student wants to develop acrylic painting Artists Loft Acrylic paints colors they need are:

  • Raw sienna
  • Burnt sienna
  • Burnt umber
  • Primary blue (ultramarine)
  • Yellow ochre
  • Deep yellow
  • Primary red
  • White

Image samples of the students work:


Image samples of the instructor's watercolor work at her latest art show: