(Grades 5-6)
Tutor: Andrea Merboth
Email: andrea.merboth@chatclasses.com
Length: 2nd Semester Class Period: (offered again in 2020-21)

Description: William Shakespeare once said, “  All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…”  Students change so much as they grow. So often it seems they struggle to know who they are and certainly who God is in their life.  Acting at CHAT will provide students with an opportunity to dive into their talents and pull out different emotions, actions, facial expression and voices that all combine to make the unique person they are.  This class is great for the extrovert so that they can hone skills to engage other people to share good stories, and great for the shy students so that they can develop a voice and skill in acting so that they can communicate with the world more effectively.  Most of the material we select to work with regarding inspiration for characters and situations will come form the Bible since the Bible not only is crazy amazing and interesting, but also illuminates our nature and the nature of God, thus helping the students to learn their place in this world and trust our great God.  Drama5/6 will improve communication, writing, and acting skills as well as be a great place to learn more about the author of the best book ever written, God.

Improvisation, short skits, duo, short stories, mime, puppetry and impersonation skill may all be applied in this course.

There will be a performance day at the end of the semester and parents, students, and guests will be welcome to attend!


Tutor: Andrea Merboth has a BA degree in Occupational Therapy from the College of St. Catherine. Andrea has taken various art classes in watercolor and oil painting and has been involved in several art shows, art exhibits, and canvass painting parties amidst friends and a relaxing backdrop.  She has taught art classes for many years to varied age groups, primarily to the homeschool population. In addition to enjoying painting on canvas, Andrea paints furniture, walls, fabric, room murals, and has also painted a 10’x20’ mural in the library in McGregor MN and worked with students and locals on another large mural in Ciudad Juarez, MX. She has also painted sets for several full-length plays, some of which she directed in the homeschool arena. Andrea and her husband have a passion to help ground young people in the Christian faith, realizing that all forms of communication, including art have the ability to either draw you towards or away from the truths of God. She believes that beauty is a reflection of God, and art classes can empower students to find creative ways to share God with the world.

Cost:  $TBD

: Grades 5-6

Prerequisite: none
Homework: varies based on what we are working on; 1 to 2 hours per week, maybe more at the end of the semester depending on the performance day readiness.
Supplies: The cost for scripts, paper, costumes, props, etc. is included in the price of the class (above).  Students should bring a notebook and pencil to class.
Text:  None