eCHAT Guitar  and Strings Lessons
Tutor: Chris Depoian
Length:Semester class Class Period: Wednesday or Thursday, period TBD with student

Description:  One-on-one lessons in guitar, ukulele, bass guitar or mandolin catered to the individual that focuses on technique, and music theory, and a fun song that applies the former two. From beginner to advanced. The goal of Chris' lessons is for your child to take clear next steps in his/her understanding, enjoyment and skill of his/her instrument and music in general. If your child does not yet have an instrument, contact Chris for some helpful guidance!

Optional Shared Lesson:  Shared lessons are an option for beginners and 2nd year students. Contact the tutor for more information.

Tuition Note:  There will be three 30-minute lessons scheduled during each 90-minute CHAT period. The Tier 1 tuition per semester is $489 (about $32 per lesson). (The total price goes up $10 each for the Tier 2 and 3 registration windows.) You have 2 options when filling out the registration form online.  You can either register for the full payment amount, OR you can register for the 1/2 payment amount.   If you choose the latter option, a balance check of $244 must be mailed to CHAT (regardless of the Tier or the method of payment chosen for your full registration).  The balance check of $244 must be received within 72 hours of the online registration but will not be cashed until October 1 (fall semester) or March 1 (spring semester). Contact Kim with questions.

Scheduling Note:  All students wishing to register for guitar lessons must contact Chris directly to schedule a time slot before registering online. After he confirms a lesson time, students should register.

Tutor: Chris Depoian grew up hearing his dad play guitar around the house and at live shows. He “caught the bug” as a teenager and hasn’t stopped playing since! Right around that time he encountered God in a real way and has been a Christian ever since, as well. He’s been teaching guitar and other instruments since 2003 and received his Bachelor of Arts in Music at North Central University in 2008 where he studied jazz, blues, rock, classical, songwriting, and worship leading.

He’s taught nearly 1,000 lessons a year since 2011; from beginner to advanced, hobbyist to college-prep or gig-ready. He specializes in blues, rock, improvisation and songwriting. What he loves most about teaching is being able to pass on everything he has learned and continues to learn on his journey as a musician, helping students take step after step to achieve their musical goals.

As an active musician, Chris plays lead guitar for a blues-rock band, is a part of his church's worship team, and writes/performs his own songs!

Cost: $489, $499 or $509 per semester (depending on registration date)
Grades 4-6
Prerequisite: none
Homework: At least 4 times a week for 20 minutes
Text: (to be purchased by parents)  Chris will assign a book depending on the student's instrument and experience.
Instrument, digital tuner, other supplies depending on instrument and focus