Health and Fitness
Tutor: Dana Piper
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, period 3

Description: What's unique about this class is that the sole focus isn't just on physical health but also incorporates mental, social and spiritual aspects along with fitness and sports activities. Topics covered are: anatomy, nutrition, fitness, disease, stress & time management, personal hygiene, attitudes and pursuing a personal relationship with God. This is a hands-on, interactive class that involves weekly at-home reading assignments and projects. When available, outside speakers and fitness instructors will be incorporated into class room lectures/discussions. In addition some of each class period will be spent in the gym incorporating the physical fitness part of this class with a variety of sports and fitness activities.

Because part of the class time will be spent in the gym, students should have appropriate gym footwear each week.  Students are not allowed on the gym floor barefoot or with stocking feet.

Note: Sex and dating are not components of this course. If a parent would like to look at the textbook before signing their student up, please contact the tutor.


Tutor: Dana Piper was a kindergarten teacher for two years before starting her own “school” for her four children. Before teaching kindergarten she worked for the YMCA as a school age site director along with teaching dance, kickboxing, swimming and water fitness classes. She also taught gym classes for a homeschool co-op. Dana has a passion to educate children on the importance of a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Level: Grades 7-9
Prerequisite: None
Homework: Varies
Text: (To be purchased by parents BEFORE the beginning of class)  Total Health Middle School , by Susan Boe, ISBN 1583312307 and Total Health Middle School, Student Workbook, by Susan Boe, ISBN 1583312323

Text    Workbook

Supplies: $20 for photocopies, class activities, and gym rental