High School Health
Tutor: Angel O'Dell
Email: angela.odell@chatclasses.com
Length: Full Year Class Period: Wednesday, period 3

Description: In this class, your high schooler will explore the functions and systems of the human body from conception to adulthood. They will learn how nutrition affects physical and emotional development and how they can support their own healthy growth into adulthood. They will also discover and unravel the connections between the digital technological world and mental health, the possible perils of digital addictions, and how to set healthy boundaries in this area of life. Through classroom projects, thoughtfully directed homework assignments, and interactive discussions, your student will establish a firm knowledge of healthy living. (Text is used as a base for expanded exploration and discovery.)

Note No new students may add to this class at semester.  This is a full year course.

Tutor: Angela O’Dell is a veteran homeschool mom, who loves to invest in the lives of homeschooling families. She is the author of the America’s Story 1-3, The World’s Story 1-3, and the Math Lessons for a Living Education series, all of which are published through Master Books. She holds an AACC certification in Child Development and Family Biblical Life Coaching, with a special focus on adolescence through the teen years, and a Master Level Certification in Leadership Coaching. She enjoys writing and reading, watching superhero movies, and spending time with her family.

Cost: $220, $230 or $240 per semester (depending on registration date)
Grades 8-12

Prerequisite: None
Homework: Aproximately 3-4 hours per week
Text: (To be purchased by parents)  Health in Christian Perspective (Homeschool Student Kit) https://www.christianbook.com/health-homeschool-student-kit/pd/375977?event=Homeschool|1000788

Health text 

Supplies: Three-ring binder with filler paper, set of colored pencils, access to computer, Google Classroom, and printer