Math Olympics
Tutor: Angela Harper 
Length: Full Year or by Semester Class PeriodWednesday, Period 1
Description: This class will focus on math concepts and skills needed for success in current and future math classes along with becoming more proficient with fractions, decimals, and percentages. A few easy steps will teach students to conquer the “dreaded” word problems. A variety of manipulatives and games will be used to reinforce the concepts learned in each lesson. Teacher instruction along with fun-filled student participation will make this class a positive educational math experience for each student regardless of current abilities. Optional homework assignments will be given to further solidify understanding. This class will give your student confidence and prepare them for facing the challenges of algebra. This class can be taken separately or in conjunction with a current math class. Any student who took the class last year is welcome to take the class again.  I will use a similar format, but will use different activities to reinforce the concepts.

This class can be taken
separately or in conjunction with a current math class.

Tutor: Angela Harper has 20 years’ experience home educating her three children. Her youngest is 16, but he is taking all of his classes at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. Being on the tail end of her personal homeschool journey, she is looking forward to supporting other homeschool families on their learning adventure, especially in mastering the foundations of mathematics. She has a contagious love for children and helping them become math champions. Angela received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in May 1989 from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. She has worked several years for Right Start Mathematics doing customer service educational support over the phone and at conventions. Angela has used her math expertise not only to teach her own children, but has taught math classes at the Learning Center in Pennsylvania, as well as, has tutored students who have struggled with math.  She delights in seeing a student that was frustrated with math gain confidence in his or her abilities. She embraces and has made the Right Starts Math’s mission statement her goal to assist children in understanding, applying, and enjoying mathematics.  Teaching students new ways to master math skills through seeing patterns and applying appropriate strategies, as opposed to rote memory, causes quicker retention of basic facts and principals of mathematics. Angela uses activities and games that reinforce math concepts through visual, auditory, and tactile learning. She believes that all students learn at a different pace, but every student is capable of increasing their math competence given the right key to open the door to understanding.

Level: Grades 7-9
Prerequisite: none
Homework: none
Text: none
Supplies: $5