Grace Notes
(Grades 3-4)
Tutor: TBD
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, eCHAT period 2 (10:00 -10:45 a.m.)

Description: This is so much more than just a kids’ choir. We will learn some basics on how to sing and perform, and in addition, we will also learn about music. Students will grow in appreciation for the music masters as we learn about their lives and listen to some of their compositions. They will learn musical terms and basic musical notation through the use of games, rhythm instruments, and “Boom Whackers” the new millennium's version of the old fashioned bell choir. They will learn something new about music each week. Most of all, we will sing songs that Glorify our Lord and are fun and educational.

Grace Notes will perform at both the Christmas Celebration and Spring Showcase.   ($5 has been added to the price of the class to help cover performance expenses.)

The Christmas Celebration date is Thursday, December 17, 2020. (Alternate date is Thursday, December 10.) The Spring Showcase is Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Covid - 19 Contingency Plan - In the event that we are forced to transition to online classes at any point in the school year, this class may or may not meet, depending on what the class is working on at the time.  Parents will receive a refund at the end of the semester for any classes that are not held.

Vocal coach/director:  TBD

Cost: $110 per semester
: Grades 3-4

Prerequisite: none
Homework: Minimal practicing with rehearsal tracks on website to learn songs and memorize lyrics