Photography 1
Tutor: Tina Culbertson
Length: Semester class Class Period: Thursday, period 1

Description: This introductory course will teach students the fundamentals of camera manipulation, composition, and lighting. We will also take a look at different styles of photography such as portrait, landscape, and simple concepts of photojournalism. This course can also be taken for high school fine art credit. Email instructor for details.

Students will be responsible for regular shooting assignments to be shown during each class time.

Weeks 1-8

  • Getting to know your camera
  • From camera to computer to print
  • Modes and Scene selections
  • How to avoid blurry images
  • Composition
  • Photo applications
  • Theme Based Shooting Assignments

Weeks 9-15

  • Automatic vs. Manual modes
  • Lighting – Portrait work
  • Aperture/Shutter/Exposure
  • Depth of Field – Landscape work
  • Filters and Corrections
  • Software Editing
  • Shooting Events

All experience levels are welcome to participate.

Students will be displaying their work at the CHAT Christmas Celebration.

The Christmas Celebration is Thursday, December 14, 2019.

Tutor: Tina Culbertson is a professional photographer owning her own business and serving the homeschool community for the past 14 years. Mrs. Culbertson is also in her 23rd year of homeschooling. Their company is currently working with other homeschool groups in the community to provide both picture day events as well as photography instruction.

Cost: $205
: Grades 7-12
Prerequisite: none
Homework: Weekly shooting assignments
Text: none
Supplies: Each student will need to bring a digital camera (any type) that they will be responsible for, a spiral notebook or paper, and pen/pencil. All other handouts will be provided.