Robotics 1
Tutor: Laura Glassel
Length: one semester Class Period: (offered again in 2021-22 )

Description: Explore the world of building and programming robotics using hands-on methods. Students will work in teams to build and test increasingly more complex LEGO-based mobile robots with motors and sensors to perform tasks and react to their environment.

You'll learn how to program the bots by using software in which you place icons in sequence to create the instructions that you desire. It's easy to learn, and introduces the concept of programming with objects (icons) and structures such as loops and conditional statements. Basic concepts will be discussed, including coordinate transformations, sensors, path planning, kinematics, feedback and feed-forward control, stressing the importance of integrating sensors, effectors and control.

Students will build robots that can navigate obstacle courses and respond to a multitude of sensors, including motion, touch, and sound. Students begin work with LEGO Robot Kit labs to master the programming of basic movements, and then progress to more difficult challenges.

Tutor: Laura Glassel grew up in the New England area, Germany, and Minnesota. She received her associate's degree in Aircraft Maintenance, her bachelor's degree in Missionary Aviation, and her master's degree in Bible Translation from Bob Jones University. As part of her education, she earned both her aircraft mechanic's and pilot's certificates. During her college years, she tutored high school students, and learned a lot about teaching techniques and learning. She has since been able to transfer her tutoring skills to the classroom situation in order to share her passion for learning with more students.

Cost:  $225
Grades 7-10

Prerequisite: Students must be comfortable creating folders and files on their computer and comfortable with basic computer operations.
Homework: Approximately 2-3 hours per week
Text: none
Supplies: A laptop that meets the requirements below (Sorry, but no Apple Macintosh computers can be used.)

Microsoft Windows Requirements:
Windows XP (32 bit only) and Vista (32/64 bit) excluding Starter Edition - with the latest Service Packs
Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and Windows 8 desktop mode including Starter Edition - with the latest Service packs
Dual core processor 2.0 GHz or better
2GB of RAM or more
2GB of available hard-disk space
XGA display (1024 x 768)
1 available USB port


Photos of some student robots:

robotics        robotics

robotics       robotics