(Grades 5-6)
Tutor: Sarah Schultz
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, eCHAT period 1 (9:00-10:00) or period 5 (12:45-1:45) (Choose one)

Description for Fall Semester - We will be exploring zoology, focusing on flying animals, including insects, birds, and bats primarily found in Minnesota. We will discuss classification, physical and behavioral characteristics, the mechanics of flight, and how flight in creation inspired humans to pursue flight. Each week we will have a lecture, discussion, guided note taking, activities or experiments

Description for Spring Semester- We will further explore the subject of biology meeting technology. Each week we will focus on an organism’s amazing ability, sense, or substance and how humans can apply concepts from creation into our lives. Each class will have a lecture, discussion, guided note taking, activities or experiments. We will end the year with a research project that leads to designing an invention and a class presentation.

Tutor: Sarah Schultz earned a B.S degree from the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Psychology and Social Work. She worked as a youth director in a large youth program in Cedar Falls, IA, which gave her many opportunities to work with students in a variety of settings. During this time, she also had the opportunity to facilitate the junior and senior high leadership development programs for the public schools. After meeting her husband, Will, and moving to Minnesota, Sarah worked briefly for the YMCA and then as a tutor for the Robbinsdale District in the middle school alternative ed. and expulsion classrooms. Currently, Sarah homeschools her four children. While being part of the homeschool community, Sarah has coached elementary Science Olympiad teams and taught science and literature classes at STAR Homeschool Academy. Sarah is a life long learner who enjoys teaching and learning alongside students of any age in a variety of subjects.

Cost: $152, $162 or $172 per semester (depending on registration date)
: Grades 5-6

Prerequisite: none
Homework:  Read the assigned text or article each week; watch the assigned video link;
Text for the Fall Semester:  (to be purchased by parents): 
For the fall semester, students are required to purchase Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (ISBN 978-1-932012-61-3) and Zoology Notebooking Journal (ISBN 978-1-935495-11-6)

Flying Creatures   journal
Required for 1st Semester
Text for the Spring semester:  None  
The lab fee is included in the price of the class.  Student should bring note taking materials, colored pens or pencils if desired