Statistics Unit
Tutor: Kim Nelson
Length: 3 Weeks Dates: Early May, ending in early June 


A few years ago the Minnesota Department of Education added statistics to their graduation requirements.  They do not require an entire class in statistics but that it be included somewhere in a math class.  Now it's important to note that as homeschoolers, we are not bound by this legally in any way.  But because 1) college entrance exams like ACT include statistics questions,  2)  MN colleges are now expecting some knowledge of statistics to be covered in high school, and 3) more and more colleges are requiring statistics for their majors (including economics, business, psychology, sociology, biology, math, other pure sciences and behavioral sciences, etc.) there is even more reason for including statistics in a high school math curriculum.

This unit is designed for any high school math student who wants exposure to basic statistics without taking an entire statistics class. It can be considered as an additional unit for any high school math class. 

In order to make this unit as simple and inexpensive as possible, instead of requiring a graphing calculator or spreadsheet program like Excel, students will use Google Classroom and Google Sheets for this unit, and it will be totally online and self-paced.  A single due date will be given for all assignments.

The class involves the following topics:

  • Modeling Data
  • Describing Data
  • Organizing Data
  • The Normal Distribution

For those who did not register for this unit as part of their spring 2023 semester registration, you can register at any time at this link.  (If you want to register for the spring 2024 unit, that registration will take place later in the fall.)

Tutor: Kim Nelson graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Mathematics from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. She holds a current Minnesota teaching license in secondary mathematics.  Mrs. Nelson taught math at Henry Sibley High School is West St. Paul for 6 years before starting her family.  She homeschooled all 4 of her children, and has taught everything from Pre-K to Calculus. She is the co-founder of CHAT and has been teaching math classes at CHAT since it began in 2004.

Cost:  $50
Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: None
Homework: Approximately 1 hour per day
Text:  None
Supplies:  Computer with online access