Mosaic Choir
Tutor: Dan Adler
Length: Full Year course with the option of adding at semester Class Period: Thursday, period 4

DescriptionJust as visual artists have the joy of creating art with multitudes of styles, utilizing all the colors in the color palette, so singers can have the opportunity to learn and sing a broad variety of diverse styles of music drawing from the influences of the diverse cultures of the world.  The Mosaic choir, led this year by Heart of the City Worship Band leader, singer, songwriter and recording artist, Dan Adler, will give students the opportunity to learn and be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles while learning how to sing those styles authentically and with passion as they learn the nuances of harmony, vocal stylings and expressions in a context of songs with deep Biblical meaning.  We will learn to sing Gospel, Latin, Jazz, Classical, Modern Worship, Caribbean and Hymn styles while students are also learning foundational musical skills such as music literacy, sight-reading skills, memorization, complex parts/harmonies and rhythms, dynamics, and just the sheer joy of coming together in unity as a cohesive body of students to create something beautiful and profound together.

Mosaic will perform at both the Christmas and Spring CHAT Showcase performances. ($5 has been added to the cost of the class to help cover performance expenses.)

The Christmas Celebration date is Thursday, December 17, 2020. (Alternate date is Thursday, December 10.) The Spring Showcase is Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Note:  7th graders are eligible for this class with permission from Mr. Adler.  Please check with him before signing a 7th grader up for this class.

Covid - 19 Contingency Plan - In the event that we are forced to transition to online classes at any point in the school year, this class may or may not meet, depending on what the class is working on at the time.  Parents will receive a refund at the end of the semester for any classes that are not held.

Vocal coach/director: Dan Adler is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, music publisher, producer, recording artist, minister, and the co-founder of Heart of the City Ministries – a multi-ethnic worship ministry focused on racial reconciliation and Biblical unity amongst Christians.  Dan was the Worship Pastor at the Church of the Open Door in Maple Grove, Minnesota from 1985 to 1996. Dan was also a worship leader for the national Promisekeeper’s men’s ministry from 1995 to 1996.  He has written over 200 songs and recorded multiple CDs. His music has been published, recorded, and sung internationally. Dan also leads Worship Renewal Weekend seminars in various congregations throughout the year and has been a guest speaker at several national music conferences.  Besides leading the Heart of the City Worship Band, Dan also leads a choir of residents and staff at the Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dan and his wife, Sandy, have been married and ministering together since 1984 and have two adult children.  They live in Maple Grove.

Cost:  $225 per semester
: Grades 8-12 or tutor approval

Prerequisite: Ability to carry a tune
Homework: Approx. 1/2 hour everyday practicing with tracks on the website to learn parts and memorize lyrics
Text & Supplies: The cost of the music is included in the price of the class (above).  An Encore! three ring binder will be handed out the first day of class with new music being handed out each week as new songs are introduced.