Tutor: Andrea Merboth
Email: andrea.merboth@chatclasses.com
Length: Fall Semester and Spring Semester Class PeriodWednesday, period 1

Description: This art class will explore the very versatile, but sometimes tricky medium of watercolor art. We will incorporate many tools that can make a watercolor painting come "alive" such as using sponges, salt, saran and masking fluid. Watercolor has a transparency and vibrancy that is unlike any other medium, plus has the added benefit of being portable, affordable and quick, so it is a wonderful medium for kids to master and use inside and out. Along with painting we will, as any good art class, go over the fundamentals of composition, color balance and drawing. We will also matte at least one of each student's paintings so as to be ready for framing.

Note:  If there is sufficient interest, a 2nd semester of this class will be offered in the spring.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the CHAT Spring Showcase.

Tutor: Andrea Merboth has a BA degree in Occupational Therapy from the College of St. Catherine. Andrea has taken various art classes in watercolor and oil painting and has been involved in several art shows, art exhibits, and canvass painting parties amidst friends and a relaxing backdrop. She has taught art classes primarily to the homeschool population and has illustrated a children’s book, The Chicken from Czechoslovakia by Christopher Thielen. In addition to enjoying painting on canvas, Andrea paints furniture, room murals, has painted a 10’x20’ mural in the library in McGregor MN and worked with students and locals on another large mural in Ciudad Juarez, MX. She has also painted sets for several full-length plays, some of which she directed in the homeschool arena. Andrea and her husband have a passion to help ground young people in the Christian faith, realizing that all forms of communication, including art have the ability to either draw you towards or away from the truths of God. She believes that beauty is a reflection of God, and art classes can empower students to find creative ways to share God with the world.

Cost:  $237, $247 or $257 (depending on registration date)
Grades 7-12

Prerequisite: High School-none, Jr. High - a previous drawing class or tutor approval
Homework: one weekly artwork assignment outside class
Text: none
Supplies: The cost of mattes, paintbrushes and masking fluid is included in the price of the class.  Students need to purchase the items listed below:

  • Strathmore 300 series (yellow cover) water color paper (cold press) size 11" x 15" or larger
  • Watercolor paints - two choices:
    • The simple Prang 16 color dry paint (two sided opening) - the more natural shades vs. the vibrant spectrum, (or you could purchase both), or
    • The more expensive and harder to tote, (but better quality) Loew-Cornell tubes of watercolor paint. With the tubes, they will also need the white pallet for mixing paints.

    • Both paints can create beautiful paintings.


Image samples of the instructor's work:

art art