World Studies
Tutor: Laura Johnson
Length:Full Year Class Period: This class is offered every other year.  It will be offered again in 2018-2019.
Description: In World Studies, students will take a journey to the seven continents. As they travel, they will explore the demographics, cultures, and learn basic mapping skills. Through activities, power points, and research, students will gain an understanding of the world. Students will be introduced to GIS (geographic information system) as an online tool that helps them visualize local, regional, and global data. Students will be asked to bring a laptop or tablet to most class periods (if possible).

Note:  This class alternates every other year with the World History class.  The two classes together complete the Socials Studies track for middle school.

Tutor: Laura Johnson earned a B.A. in Elementary Education with a minor in social studies from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She and her husband homeschooled their five children for sixteen years. These past few years, Laura has worked as a cognitive brain trainer, helping struggling students. Laura loves teaching and helping students get excited about learning. Laura has also been involved with CHAT since 2004.

Level: Grades 7-8
Prerequisite: None
Homework: Approximately 1-2 hours per week
Text: none
Supplies: $12, supply list to be emailed to parents