World View
Tutor: Michelle Dikken
Length: Full Year Class Period:  (not offered this year)
Description: World view training enables students to discern various ideas and thoughts that give meaning to our existence and answers to life’s problems. Scripture tells us to capture every thought and “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.” (2 Corinthians 10: 4-5). Today’s student is increasingly faced with anti-biblical world views. Barna group surveyed students and found 61% of Millennial Americans see nothing wrong with same sex marriage and 60.7% of incoming U.S. college freshmen said abortion should be legal. 40% of Christians said Christians and Muslims worship the same God and 26% of Christians don’t think it matters which religion one follows. These statistics show that there is much confusion in understanding and applying a biblical world view to our lives.

The purpose of this course is primarily to teach students the six major world views including the Christian world view. Students will be able to detect the various worldviews in entertainment media, politics, literature and news media. The second goal will be to teach students logical and sound reasoning to support the biblical world view. They will be able to recognize false methods of argumentation. It is the goal of this course to teach students to defend, in a winsome and Godly way, the biblical worldview.

The main curriculum used for this class is Summit World View Academy.  Current media and articles will also be utilized for class discussion.

The course duration is two semesters. Students will have a lesson book and be required to write at least two, two-three page papers, take some tests and write one 5 page final paper.

Quotes from Students About the Class

"As Christians our faith will be tested eventually and it is up to us whether or not we will be prepared for it. This class has greatly informed me on how to defend my faith and has also educated me on other major worldviews besides Christianity. I would recommend taking this course because it is challenging, interesting, helpful, informative, and fun."                     --Elena

"This class has really broadened my views and understanding of religions around the world.  Not only am I learning about the principles and main tenets of religions worldwide, but also how they are active in the world and how they influence it today.   This class talks about the many different beliefs that float around the world today, and it also provides in-depth explanations for these beliefs.  What surprised me most about this class is how much I have learned.  I have a better, more comprehensive understanding of world views and how to critically think through my beliefs and through others' beliefs."            --Tatum


Tutor: Michelle Dikken  graduated with a B.A. in Speech/Communications and French with a 6-12 license in secondary education from the University of MN, Morris. She started her career as a French and Speech/Communications teacher, and after three years of teaching middle school, she left to start her own family. She was able to home school her three children until her eldest child was in 7th grade. She went back to teaching at Bethany Academy, and then worked as a librarian at Life Academy. This year Michelle attended an extended course from Summit Ministries in World View, including learning about the Muslim world and how to be a witness to them, Christian ethics in business, conflicts in Christian world view, and secular philosophies.  She has a passion to see young adults equipped to engage their world with truth.


Cost: TBD per semester
Level: Grades 9-12
Prerequisite: None
Homework: 2-4 hours per week
Supply fee: $5
Text: (to be purchased by parents) The materials for this World View class are purchased by the instructor. This includes a digital text book, online syllabus and license with the option to also purchase the paper text book. The 2017/18 years cost were $40 for both digital and physical text book and another $10 dollars for the license. Mrs. Dikken will email all families in August to survey families preference in texts and let them know how much they owe for the materials.