Writing 3
Writing and Research
Tutor: Kim Witthuhn
Email: kimwitthuhn@comcast.net
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, period 3

Description: Students will learn to write college-level essays and hone advanced stylistic devices by writing a personal essay suitable for college admissions, a cause and effect essay, a newspaper editorial, and a 8-10 page research paper. Students will prewrite and compose outlines, rough drafts, and final drafts for each of the essay assignments. English literature and writing in a journal will be used to develop critical thinking skills. We will also review basic grammar concepts in class focusing on common errors. Additionally, students will provide grammatical and spelling corrections on each of their papers

Note:  Although Writing 3 is formatted as a year-long class, each semester has its own syllabus and literature selection.  Students need to register separately for each semester.

Tutor: Kim Witthuhn works as a professional editor and has taught literature, writing, grammar, history, and geography at various homeschool organizations over the last 15 years, including homeschooling her own children. She recently became certified as a career consultant and enjoys helping people discover the unique design God gave them. She is passionate about helping students enjoy learning and knowing God better by studying His Word and the world He created. Mrs. Witthuhn graduated from Concordia University with a BA in English and Social Science Education. She lives in Eden Prairie with her husband and two of her four children and enjoys leading Bible studies, reading and learning, and spending time with family.

Cost: $235 first semester, $245 second semester
: Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: Writing 1 and 2 or tutor approval
Homework: approximately 3-4 hours per week

1st Semester Texts: (to be purchased by parents)

  • Beowulf excerpt (handout in class, no need to buy)
  • Macbeth (No Fear Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare (Please purchase the No Fear edition.)
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

2nd Semester Texts: (to be purchased by parents)

  • Writing Research Papers by Lesha Myers
  • The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
  • Howard's End by F.M. Forster
  • Great Short Poems edited by Paul Negree

Supplies:   A journal for each student will be provided. Students should have access to grammar resource (book or online); ask the tutor if you need a recommendation.