(Grades 3-4)
Tutor: Laura Johnson
Email: lauragj7@gmail.com
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, eCHAT period 1

Description: The purpose of Writing 34 is to have students enjoy writing and gain confidence in their skills. We will explore ways language is used around us which may help make an idea clear, spark our imagination, or may even surprise us.  Students will also learn basic grammar and the mechanics of writing.  This year we will write descriptive, persuasive, and narrative pieces. As a class, we will be reading The Family Under the Bridge. 

Students are required to complete weekly homework for this class.

Tutor: Laura Johnson earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She taught first grade in the public schools before starting a family of her own.  She and her husband homeschooled their five children for sixteen years. These past few years, Laura has worked as a cognitive brain trainer, helping struggling students.  Laura loves teaching and helping students get excited about learning.  She has been involved with CHAT since she helped co-found it in 2004.

Level: Grades 3-4

Prerequisite: Students need to be able to independently write a sentence. (Spelling doesn’t matter.)
Text: (to be purchased by parents) Banish Boring Words (Scholastic) by Leilen Shelton
Homework: one to two hours per week
Supply fee: $15 (includes the literature book, grammar book, and photocopies)
Supplies:  3-ring notebook and pencil

Banish Boring Words