(Grades 5-6)
Tutor: Laura Johnson
Email: laura.johnson@chatclasses.com
Length: Full Year Class Period: Thursday, eCHAT period 1 (9:00-10:00) or period 5 (12:45-1:45) (Choose one)

Description: From taking this class, I hope students learn to love writing. Here are some things we work on in class:

Words: We play with words, learn new words, and even make up words.

Grammar: We learn parts of speech through games, activities, and practice. In the fall we dive into grammar (using Analytical Grammar (AG)) and in the spring we work on the mechanics (using the AG Mechanics). New students joining in the spring need to have a good understanding of grammar.

Literature: We read books together. Comprehension, vocabulary, and higher-level thinking skills are part of the learning and challenge.

Presentation: Students are encouraged (but not required to) share pieces they have written. It is my goal to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable presenting their work.

Editing skills: Students work on weekly editing challenges.

Writing: We start with a simple sentence. We end with structured paragraphs. We try persuasive, narratives, descriptions, poems, letters, and anything that comes up that looks fun to try.

Most of the writing we do for class is creative, but don’t worry if your student doesn’t feel very creative. Students always leave class with ideas to get them on their way. Students will have weekly writing and grammar/ mechanics homework.

Students are required to complete weekly homework for this class.

Tutor: Laura Johnson earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She taught first grade in the public schools before starting a family of her own. She and her husband homeschooled their five children for sixteen years. Laura has also worked as a cognitive brain trainer for several years helping struggling students. Laura loves teaching and helping students get excited about learning. She has been involved with CHAT since she helped co-found it in 2004.

Cost:  $177, $187 or $197 per semester (depending on registration date)   Note: The cost of the grammar book 1st semester and mechanics book 2nd semester is included in the supply fee. Part of the supply fee ($18) will be refunded by the tutor to those students who are in their 2nd year of Writing 5-6.
: Grades 5-6

Prerequisite: none
Homework: one to two hours per week
Supplies: Students should bring a 3-ring notebook with 2 pocket dividers and a pencil to class.