Covid-19 Contingency Plan for the 2020-21 School Year

We don't know what our lives are going to look like tomorrow, let alone in the fall, but we must consider the following 4 possible scenarios for next fall:

Possible Scenarios and our Response:

  1. School starts as normal at Grace Church on August 26th and 27th.
    • CHAT's Plan:  In this best case scenario classes would start in person like a normal school year.

  2. School is postponed 2 weeks, until after Labor Day for all MN schools

    • CHAT's Plan:  We will start after Labor Day and put those 2 weeks in early January, starting back on the 6th instead of the 20th of January.  Those 2 weeks will still be part of the 1st semester. 

  3. We are still under the shelter at home requirement in the fall. 

    • CHAT's Plan:  We will start at our classes online on the regularly scheduled date of August 26th. We would continue online until Grace is open and we can resume meeting in person.

  4. Classes could be forced back online at some point after returning to classes at Grace Church.

    • CHAT's Plan:  We will transition back to online classes until we are allowed to return to classes at Grace.


How This Affects You as You Register for Classes:

Classes will fall into one of three categories for next year:

  1. Classes that will transition to the online format when required. (This is most of our classes.)
  2. Classes that will only meet when we have in-person sessions at Grace.  In those cases, refunds would be sent at the end of the semester for class periods missed the weeks that we have only online classes.
  3. Classes that will be modified and/or reduced during the periods of online learning. Depending on the circumstances there may be refunds involved.

How do you know which category each class falls into?

We will post information on each class description so  you will know exactly what to expect for each class.  Register for classes based on this information.  In addition, we are adjusting our drop fee schedule.  See the Registration tab for details.

3 Day Schedule for eCHAT Online Classes:

If we need to go to online classes at any point next year we will spread theeCHAT  classes out over 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with built in breaks.  The schedule for how the classes will be spread out is linked here and on the regular eCHAT class schedule page.