CHAT offers a number of classes that will prepare students for their associated CLEP exams.  Getting college credits by taking CLEP and DSST exams has been around for years, and with the rising costs of college they have become a viable option for many students to offset those expenses.  Over 2,900 colleges accept these exams for credit and many of them meet core goal requirements of the MN Transfer Curriculum.  There is no age limit to these exams and many of our homeschooled students are academically ready in junior high school.  Students can take an exam at the end of a course just like a comprehensive final and earn high school AND college credit! Your junior high student can get college credit before they even hit high school!  And your high school students can earn college credit before, or in conjunction with, PESO courses.

CHAT will be offering the following classes that will prepare students for the associated exam.  The course name is the same as the test name except where noted:
  • College Algebra (CHAT's Algebra 2 class) (full year, grades 9-12), taught by Kim Nelson
  • Pre-Calculus (full year, grades 10-12), taught by Kim Nelson
  • Chemistry (full year, grades 10-12), taught by Laura Kirkwold

These classes are complete in their own right.  Students who do not want to take CLEP tests can take these classes as high school classes for their homeschool transcript.  It is advised that students take a practice test

CHAT occasionally offers a series of 5 companion workshops to help prepare students for the following associated exams:

  • Chemisty CLEP Workshop (spring, grades 10-12) taught by Laura Kirkwold

These worshops are not complete classes.  They are to accompany a current class.  (Students do not have to be enrolled in the associated CHAT class in order to sign up for the workshops.) 

For more information on CLEP tests in general, visit the CLEP Test Website. For more information on individual classes, see the course descriptions.