Frequently Asked Questions


How old do you have to be to take a CHAT class?

Students must be 12 by September 1st of the school year in question. 

Can I sign my son up for class if he's below the grade level listed in the class description?

If your son is eligible for CHAT (see above question), you can send an email to the tutor and ask for permission.  It will be up to the tutor to decide.

If my daughter took a class in a series, is she automatically eligible for the next class in the series?

For classes that are sequential (languages, math, writing, art, etc), most students will be able to sign up for the next class in the sequence.  However, some students may not be ready to progress.  Please contact the tutor with questions.

Can I add to my registration later or do I have to do it all at once?

You are welcome to add classes after your initial registration has been handed in.  To add a class later, simply fill out the online registration form again and choosethe "Add a Class" option.

Can I sign my 4th grader up for a 5th/6th grade class if I think they are ready for it?

We realize that academically students may be at different levels, but because of differing maturity levels of young children, we require elementary students to stay within their age groups.  Contact the directors with questions.




If I have students in both CHAT and eCHAT do I pay the family registration fee for both?

No, you pay the CHAT family registration fee only once, regardless of whether your family is doing CHAT, eCHAT, or both.

If I lose my email receipts can I get replacements?

Yes, but it will cost you $20. In our earlier years we spent a lot of time re-issuing receipts for people who did not save them, so we had to implement a fee. Our recommendation is that you print the receipts when your receive them so you have a hard copy along with your digital copy.

When are the tuition checks cashed?

Tuition checks for the fall semester may be cashed any time after June 1st (though it is usually July).  The tuition checks for the spring semester are cashed any time after January 1st.



Do tutors give grades?

Tutors do give grades, but by Minnesota law, parents are the only ones who can legally assign grades. Most parents will assign their students the grade that the tutor recommends.


Mom Areas in the Building

Where can moms be in the building while they wait for their kids to finish class?

We are happy to have moms in the building if they want to stay onsite while their kids are in class.  It's a great opportunity to fellowship with other moms or work on schoolwork with siblings.  You are welcome to be in the Commons (Glory Cafe) area.  We ask that you do not hang out in our classroom area, as that is reserved for the students.

Do my kids have to stay with me?

All children under the age of 12 must be either in an eCHAT class or with a parent at all times. There is an exception for 5th and 6th graders. See the bottom of page 8 in our handbook for details.

Can I sit in class with my child?

CHAT and eCHAT are both drop-off academies.  Parents are not allowed to attend classes with their children.  For eCHAT classes we may occassionally ask for moms to help out in class, but for CHAT classes this is rare.  Parents are welcome to schedule a class visit on occassion.  If there is a student with a special need or parent concern, please contact Laura.


Student Areas in the Building

If my son wants a quiet place to study, where can he go?

He should check with Laura in the student lounge.  There may be empty classrooms available for quiet study.


Visitors and Tours

Can I visit a class?

Absolutely!  We'd love to have you come and visit a class and spend some time getting to know us!  Students can visit classes alone or with their parent.  Sitting in a classroom for 20 minutes will give you a good feel for the class. 

Can I visit the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes?

Absolutely!  But because of the nature of the class and the age of the students, visitors can be distracting to the students so we have set apart two visitor days for that class.  Contact Laura for those dates.

How do I schedule a visit?

Please email Laura to set up a visit.  Take a look at the schedule online and let her know which classes you would like to visit.  She will contact the tutors and then get back to you.



My eCHAT student is here all day for classes.  Do I need to come back during lunch to oversee them since they aren't in class?

No.  Students are welcome to eat with their moms in the Commons (Glory Cafe) if their moms are present, but if not, the eCHAT students will eat together at specially designated tables, and will be supervised by one of the Directors and a parent volunteer. 

Is there a microwave available to warm up food?

No.  There is currently not a microwave available for student use.



How many times do I have to volunteer each year?

We ask that each family sign up for one volunteer position each semester.  If the volunteer list fills up for the first semester before you can sign up, please be the first to sign up for the 2nd semester!

I cannot volunteer.  What should I do?

Parents who cannot volunteer will need to buy out of their volunteer position.   This can be done while registering or by emailing Laura.  We do have a few volunteer opportunities that you can help with that do not involve coming on CHAT/eCHAT days, so check those out as well.

Can my younger kids be with me when I volunteer?

The monitor jobs are great jobs for you to sign up with if you have little ones with you.  They are welcome to sit with you in whatever area you are watching.

Have a question not listed here?  Please ask!