eCHAT and CHAT Volunteers

We appreciate your help as we work together to provide a safe and effective environment for our kids to learn in! We are asking that each family sign up for one volunteer slot per semester.

The signup is now online here.

The deadline to sign up is February 15!

Description of Volunteer Positions:

Location details:

  • Door 2 - This is the South Entrance, which is the only door that CHAT will be using.  We will have a volunteer stationed here at all times checking IDs.

  • Commons - This is called the Glory Cafe on the church map.  It is the area on the main level outside the worship center.

Student ID Photography Helper (Fall Semester)

We are going to need volunteers to help Tina with student ID pictures during the first week of CHAT.  You can sign up for either the morning or afternoon shift on either day.  Tina will show you what you need to do.

Door 2 Monitor - South Entrance Door
(morning or afternoon)

This volunteer will sit inside the Door 2 entrance at the monitor table. It is your responsibility to check student IDs and check in adults with stickers. You will have a picture roster of CHAT students to refer to as needed. You are welcome to have your other kids with you and do school with them or other quiet activities during this time if you'd like. 

Commons Monitor
(morning or afternoon)

This volunteer will hang out in the Commons area upstairs.  (The Wednesday monitor will also wash tables after the eCHAT lunch, and check on students in the student lounge a couple of times.)  You are welcome to have your younger kids with you. Please pick up your name tag at the monitor table by Door 2.

Student Lounge Monitor - Youth Center
(morning or afternoon)

This volunteer will be based in the Student Lounge (Youth Center). Your responsibility is to oversee the students in the Student Lounge and make sure students pick up after themselves.  Afternoon monitor will vacuum and wipe tables at 3:15. Please pick up your name tag at the monitor table by Door 2. 

Lunch Cleanup (Wednesday) - Commons

 At the end of the lunch period, you will wipe tables that students were eating lunch at, sweep under the tables, and dry mop the rest of the Commons. This usually takes about an hour.

Lunch Helper (Thursday) - Commons

This volunteer will monitor the eCHAT and CHAT students during their lunch period. At the end of each lunch period (11:30, 12:00, 12:30), you will clean the lunch tables. Please pick up your name tag from the monitor table by Door 2

Thursday Cleanup Helper (Thursday) - Lower Level

Beginning around 2:45, this volunteer will straighten chairs and vacuum Rooms 101 through 111. You will empty all garbage cans in those rooms and put in new bags.  Compress all filled garbage bags as much as possible and put them in the large garbage bins in the janitor's closet by the kitchen upstairs. The job will take about an hour.

Christmas Celebration Program Helper  (Fall Semester)
Spring Showcase Program Helper  (Spring Semester)
(The day of the celebration)

This volunteer will help print (at Cross of Glory) and fold the programs for the Christmas Celebration or the Spring Showcase.  This is best done in the morning to allow time for folding.

Christmas Celebration  (Fall Semester)
Spring Showcase  (Spring Semester)
(The day of the celebration)

These positions involve helping with our Christmas Celebration evening. We will need volunteers to help set up, get the refreshments table ready, assist with rehearsal, help with traffic flow (ushers), monitor areas of the church, and help with cleanup. These positions are listed separately on SignUpGenius.


Signing up for Volunteer Positions

Signup for the current semester is online (see link at the top of this page). Parents will need to create an account at SignUpGenius the first time they submit their signup.  This verifies your signup position, allows you to make swaps with other moms if necessary, and allows you to receive an email reminder 2 days before the date you signed up for. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents who fail to sign up will either be assigned spots by CHAT or charged the buy-out fee.

Canceling and Swapping

What to do if you can’t make your volunteer time: Please do your best to find a replacement. You can go back to the SignUpGenius and look for someone who is doing your job on a different day. Look them up on the family roster that will be emailed to you at the beginning of the school year. If you can’t find a replacement (maybe it’s too last minute), please let Laura know. You will pay the buyout fee of $40, and she will find a replacement. We will try to give you an opportunity to volunteer again to get your buyout fee back.

A Final Point

Thank you for your time in volunteering.  If you would like to sign up for more than the one spot we are requesting, feel free to do so!