Annual Standardized Testing

All homeschooled students must take a nationally normed achievement test each year (Minnesota Statute 120A.22.) 

Here are some options for yearly testing (not an exhaustive list):

 WINGS offers the SAT10  in the spring for students 2nd grade through high school. It is a bubble-fill test and given to a group of students at one time. It will be administered at Grace Church through WINGS. If you would like to sign up to have your children tested through WINGS, you can contact them at

The Peabody is a one-on-one oral test.  Students who are 7 years old and up may take this test.  Here is the contact information for two people who administer this test that we know of:

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement (WJ-III) is a one-on-one, untimed, non-bracketed test.  It measures achievement from pre-K - 18.0 (graduate degree).  The Standard version is a great assessment for those who have topped out of the Peabody at 12.9 in most areas or for those who want to use a more recently normed test.  See the website for a complete description of the versions offered.  Here is the contact information for someone who administers this test:

There is also the Iowa Basics test that you may administer at home to students of all grades.  There are a few prerequisites that Bob Jones has in order tyo administer it, so check that out online if you are interested.  Another option is


The Pre-ACT Test

The Pre-ACT test will be administered this fall and spring through Wings at Grace. This test replaces the Plan (same test, different name). The Pre-ACT predicts future success on the ACT in the areas of math, English, science, and reading. For more information about the PreACT, visit

ACT is no longer providing the Explore test for 9th graders, but instead, it offers the Aspire. This test will not be administered by WINGS.  If you have a 9th grader who you feel is ready for the PreACT, feel free to register him/her for this test.  

The registration form for the Pre-ACT test is to the right in the Downloads section.


The Aspire Test

CHAT does not offer the Aspire test.


The ACT Test

We often get questions about the ACT test.  The ACT test is given 7 times a year (September, October, December, February, April, June, and July).  You must register through the ACT website.